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musexmoirai asked: ""I just can’t even figure what logic to him must have sounded good enough to uproot the whole show to yet another new location after the rocky past couple of years" Ryan gets revitalized by new settings and needs them like mother's milk look at American Horror Story."

God, he’s just the worst. I wish this stuff would’ve come out tomorrow so I could maybe still enjoy the episode tonight and they could actually do the livestream without fans wanting to tweet about this.

Also how convenient he already has an episode coming down the pipe about internet haters not understanding greatness.

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I can’t get over Ryan acknowledging New York was a good move for the show and then immediately deciding to drop it for something else
I just don’t understand why. So much of the NY stuff pre NNY was a waste, and I feel like we’re finally getting the Glee in NY this show has been building up to since S2, and they’re going to spend 7 episodes on it and then ditch it? These kids graduating and learning to grow up and struggling as young performers and working for the success they’ll eventually have has always been the most interesting part to me. It’s not like they’re lacking in story potential on the NY front. This show has made a lot of unforced errors narratively, so it’s amazing I’m still surprised but yet somehow I am.
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yes. but its worry about the klaine stuff thats the ultimate deal-breaker. if its another long distance nonsense where they move one to one city and the other somewhere else or break them up… i cant deal with that.
Agreed. The LA stuff is just debbie downer dumb to me but I would in theory watch it. Klaine breaking up again in this scenario is a deal breaker.
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i cant even visualize kurt being willing to ever leave new york. nor rachel but rachel has been ooc for 4 seasons now so who knows. she did ditch the school she fought tooth and nail to get into.
Yeah, even if you take out any worry about Klaine stuff, I am not down for a move away from NY. I like them in NY. I like NY as a setting. NY has been what they’ve wanted for as long as they’ve been voicing hopes for the future. I like them doing Broadway and theater. There is nothing about that interview that piqued my interest as something I’d want to see rather than what we’re getting right now.
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the new Guardians of the Galaxy still looks amazing


the new Guardians of the Galaxy still looks amazing

"Cronuts And Orgasms" - Kurt/Blaine


To znks, on her very special birthday.  :)

Also, coincidentally, as a fill for this GKM prompt.

Kurt shows Blaine just how much he loves his ass.

Contains: ass worship, rimming, spanking, barebacking, and comeplay.

"You’re insane."

"Oh my god, it looks like cottage cheese. I have a cottage cheese ass and we’re not even married yet. I have a cottage cheese ass before my first Tony, Kurt.”

"Blaine Devon Anderson, get away from that mirror right now.”

Blaine turns, and makes the face that he makes when he walks in on Sam and Mercedes going at each other. “I mean, even if it were like, evenly cottage cheese-y I might—but it’s like, patches, and that’s worse? Oh my god, when did this happen?”

He wriggles, and turns, and wriggles, and turns.

And that’s only the first five minutes of this conversation. It goes on for the better part of an hour, and Kurt feels his blood pressure rising steadily with every passing minute.

That and his traitorous penis, which doesn’t seem to mind at all the fact that Blaine has been bouncing and wriggling his half-naked ass for most of that time.

Kurt doesn’t want to go overboard trying to convince Blaine of the attractiveness of his softer parts if he truly hates them and wants to change for his own happiness—but he doesn’t want to pretend that he dislikes any part of Blaine, either. This is shaping up to be one of those times when he wants to say the right thing but ends up saying the exact wrong thing.

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