emotion tornado

Break to get a pedicure excluded, I have spent all day binge watching season 1 of Orphan Black and finished it.

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i was being facetious, but you never know, you might have been a weirdo!

To be fair I’ve had a lot to drink.

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You are still better off than your roommate and the Thanksgiving Dinner extravaganza from last year.

Disaster. I don’t even remember the details of that other than she tried to cram like 8 hours of cooking into 3 hours and started at 6:30 am. I guess that’s enough horror to remember.

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It actually never dawned on me that people would see “frozen mac and cheese” and not assume I reheated it. But funny story. When I was a kid, like elementary school age, my favorite afterschool snack was gnawing on frozen vegetables. Eating frozen peas, carrots, and corn while watching Sailor Moon was legit how I spent 99% of my after elementary school days.

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how do you eat it if it’s frozen? gnaw on it?

I microwave it for 4 minutes then cry. Though can you imagine if frozen meals just required you to eat them like frozen chunks of tasteless crap instead of having reheating instructions? Idk what I’d do with myself.

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sometimes there is nothing better in the world than eating frozen mac and cheese.

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but i mean, the showcase isn’t about impressing june, it’s about impressing the other people who are there, and i can’t imagine them being impressed by AB. but lol glee.

That’s why I qualified it that as as long as Glee doesn’t frame it as something embarrassing or offensive. If Blaine wants to sing AB with his fiance and in the world of the show it’s considered a good performance then okay. They sang One Direction the first time around, which was also realistically totally an inappropriate choice, but it worked out.

I would have a problem with them tanking it because yeah, like you said, there are other people there and even if there weren’t he shouldn’t violently burn his bridges. But I don’t care what Blaine sings and with who as long as the show frames it as a good job and his decision.

It might not even be for the showcase anyway.

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